Monday, August 26, 2013

Let's rock this Reboot!

Dear Readers,
Would you believe that I've had writer's block for the past year and few months? No? Would you believe that it was my intention to take a long hiatus in order to better appreciate the world? No? Well, I wouldn't believe it either. The reality is that I've been lazy. If my life has been uninteresting and not worth talking about, it's been my fault. Though, that's not really true either. But I've been an uninterested person for a while. In a funk the past few months. And really stressed the past many months. But lately I've been inspired. To share my life, my insight. To reboot my blog and create a masterpiece which explores opinion, creative thought, and hopefully shared experience. Now, it won't be a masterpiece because I'm an incredibly talented writer, but because it can't be recreated. I've been inspired by one blog in particular which everyone in the blog world knows. And in my own way, I'd like to do the same. You see, my first introduction to blogs were ones about married Christian mommies. Not that I don't love married Christian mommies. Some of my closest friends are married, Christian, and/or mommies, but I'm not married nor am I a mommy. I don't do diy craft/home improvement projects. I don't home school anyone. And the juggling that I do is very different than the juggling of married Christian mommies. Though I don't juggle bowling pins or tennis balls either . So when I first entered the blog world I became very frustrated because I didn't know where to go to find something else. Something relatable for me. Until I found everyone's favorite single dad, Dan Pearce. He's a dad, sure. But he's single. He's not crafty. He's controversial. And though his blog is called Single Dad Laughing, the entire blog is not focused on his role as a father. I don't have anything against those blogs that mainly focus on married life and rearing up children. But unless you're a close friend or family member, I'm not your audience. So the question for me was how can I connect with people the way Dan Pearce does? It's the thought I've had for a few weeks now. I don't want to do this for the purpose of getting an audience, but I really want to connect with the audience I have. To start, you need to know me. Well, that's a lot of work, but over time I think I'll be able to successfully let you know who I am through my blog. Then, I want to provoke some thoughts. You can agree with me or disagree with me, but I think as long as we're all civil about it we'll get along just fine. And through it all I want to laugh with you. Laughing is truly one of my very favorite past times. So here we are at the start of something new and exciting. Lets rock this thing!
With Love,